Saturday & Sunday, 11:30AM - 2:30PM

We serve a regularly changing a la carte menu featuring foods of the hudson valley.

This menu is intended to be shared. Dishes are generally listed from the lightest to the heaviest and come out from the kitchen as ready.


raw oysters  fermented chili
roasted oysters  kimchi hollandaise
diver scallop crudo  warm XO sauce, dandelion
bread  whipped ricotta, salted chilies
F&G salt and air-cured ham  aged 24 months
wood oven snails  herb butter, LJA vinegar

young kale  ramp kimchi
spring onion  fennel, black garlic, almond, egg
asparagus  sea urchin, black lime, garlic
tofu  oyster mushroom, crab roe, chili
grilled softshell crab  smoked eggplant, chili oil
rice & grains  turnip, shiitake
spaghetti  grilled squid, fish sauce, garlic
rice noodle  turmeric & fish ragu
spicy duck salad  lettuce, herbs, serrano, sumac
swordfish  rhubarb beurre monté, daikon ice pickle
lamb  ramp, garlic-pink peppercorn yogurt

skate wing  chili crab sauce, crab & herb salad, brioche
whole roast chicken  morel mushrooms, naem sausage