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The Fish & Game Holiday Reminder!

The season of giving is upon us. In the spirit of the Holidays, we would like to share a special bounty with you, our friends.  Our pals at Climbing Tree Farm have raised a gorgeous flock of Emden geese for us. And, this year we had them raise a few extra for us to share.  The quantity is limited and the geese average 8-12 pounds. $14 per pound.

If you're interested, please email your request to or call 518.822.1500

- OR -

You can come and enjoy them at Fish & Game, spit roasted in our fireplace on New Year's Eve!

This year Fish & Game will be celebrating its 2nd annual NYE Party. And, at Fish & Game we take our partying seriously.
If you thought last year was decadent, over-the-top fun, well, put on your raincoat because the champagne and caviar will be raining down!
Our considered, balanced menu will tip the scales this year into the seductive and indulgent feast we all deserve.   Treat yourself to the finest wines known to humanity and luxuriate in a surfeit of the aforementioned fireplace-roasted goose and a bounty of other local (and at least a couple exotic) delicacies.
On this holiday we honor excess in just the right way.
We’ll ring in the New Year with classic bubbles from Champagne (no prosecco here!) and then boogie until we drop as the Mothership DJ Booth lands in our kitchen and sets the stage for the sexy and inimitable DJ Guests:
-Hoof & Horns – A connoisseur of the old and new. Guaranteed to help you find your groove!
-Dirty 4 Fingers – Master of soul. Sweet and lowdown. His fro never quits as he spins those funky hits!
…and a special guest appearance by Dr. Zsou Zsou Le Brix – archivist of the archaic. He’ll sprinkle just the right amount of Gris-Gris to make sure y’all are just right through the night.

This is certain to be a soul satisfying way to finish off 2014!

$225 per person without wine pairings
$325 per person with wine pairings
Please email your reservation request to
Or Call 518.822.1500

See you on the other side…!