Saturday & Sunday, 11:30AM - 2:30PM

We serve a regularly changing a la carte menu featuring foods of the hudson valley.

salted chilies, cultured cream, grilled bread

F&G Prosciutto
aged two years

Wood Oven Roasted Snails
breadcrumb, butter, garlic, absinthe

Wood Oven Roasted Oysters
kimchi hollandaise

F&G Sardines
potatoes, aioli, radish, sambal

wood oven baked, lardo 'battuto'

Sweet Potatoes
ash cooked leeks, brown butter onions, black walnut

Beans from the Fireplace
hunter's stock, chicories, celery

Squash Agrodolce
mint, grape mostarda, hazelnuts, 3 year aged gouda

Ember Cooked Cabbage
turnip-prosciutto cultured cream, preserved husk cherry

Peconic Bay Scallops
maitake mushrooms, foie gras, preserved citrus

Chicken Livers
kohlrabi, pumpkin seeds, barrel aged apple cider vinegar

sake & soy glaze, Yong's rice, beets, preserved ginger

uni butter, caviar, garlic

Gorgonzola Cremificato Ravioli
turnip bravado, brown butter pickled onions

lamb ragu, tellicherry peppercorn, rosemary


Wood Oven Roasted Chicken
polenta, sunchoke, guanciale, black truffle

Whole Roasted Trout
crab & shrimp stuffing, chili crab sauce